Dear Mavis,

What makes you such an expert in the field of human behavior?  How can I expect a mere dog to know answers that have plagued man for centuries?  I have a PhD in psychology and am sure I know more than you.  I have been schooled at Tulsa University and have a list of credentials a mile long.  What can you tell me I don’t already know? Signed, Dr. Bill

Mavis Responds:

Dear Dr. Bill,

I have read your letter and might mention that I have caught your show a few times after my walk and before my afternoon nap.  My master likes to channel surf as I lay at his side and daydream about my evening snack.  The advice you give is sound for the most part but you need to remember that a person’s strength can eventually become their Achilles heel.  When you have a bright mind and loose the quality of humility you can easily loose your footing.  A famous man named Paul once said “Let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall”.  Overconfidence and lack of humility regarding our moral strengths is risky.  Besides they are unflattering qualities.  Confidence=good, overconfidence=fall.



I am new to the blogging world and hope this will serve as an outlet in general for me.  I love to cook, play house, read, and learn.   I should say I use to do all these things  quite well,  but now many days it is just a struggle to face life.  I have had some neurological damage that has effected me both physically and mentally.  I don’t want to address that at this point,  but have been told that I need to do some mental exercising to stimulate my thought processing  and memory.   What better way than to be accountable on some small scale than to journal thoughts, feelings and activities in a logical order. I am technically challenged and slow on the upswing but if you allow me to use you for support you will have my eternal gratitude.   I have spent three plus hours just trying to type this opening,  so I should receive some kind of credit for that. :o).    See, I am already learning computer lingo.  I would love to share and gain knowledge on a variety of subjects.  After all, you can never be two smart.  (wink)  Although,  I do remember my Dad saying “that girl’s too smart for her  own good. ”  There should have been a compliment in there somewhere, don’t you agree?  I basically want to go over a format with you that I feel would be easy for me to blog on.  If you have any other ideas please feel free to share.  I’m a learner if nothing else.  I may exhaust you in the mean time, but a learner is what I is.   See, I told you I catch on fast.  Anyway, I want to share my cooking adventures–(who doesn’t have a little Emeril in ’em ?), my love of animals–dogs in particular, childhood memories, family moments, struggles, and a special area dedicated to “Ask Mavis”.  Here, at “Ask Mavis”,  you can get accurate answers to all  life’s puzzling questions that you just  can’t get anywhere else.  Mavis, you may wonder, is my oldest son’s English Bulldog who knows all the answers.  You don’t believe me?  Just stick around and find out!  She will accept questions on any subject and will drool  dole out advice and correct answers for cheap.  A love pat, a good meaty dog bone, an ear scratch, a tummy rub, whatever you can afford to give.  Mavis’s  knowledge base is only exceeded by her beauty.