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Dear Mavis,

What makes you such an expert in the field of human behavior?  How can I expect a mere dog to know answers that have plagued man for centuries?  I have a PhD in psychology and am sure I know more than you.  I have been schooled at Tulsa University and have a list of credentials a mile long.  What can you tell me I don’t already know? Signed, Dr. Bill

Mavis Responds:

Dear Dr. Bill,

I have read your letter and might mention that I have caught your show a few times after my walk and before my afternoon nap.  My master likes to channel surf as I lay at his side and daydream about my evening snack.  The advice you give is sound for the most part but you need to remember that a person’s strength can eventually become their Achilles heel.  When you have a bright mind and loose the quality of humility you can easily loose your footing.  A famous man named Paul once said “Let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall”.  Overconfidence and lack of humility regarding our moral strengths is risky.  Besides they are unflattering qualities.  Confidence=good, overconfidence=fall.


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