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My love of cooking runs deep.  My father tells a story of how I came home from kindergarten the first day of school and he asked me what I learned that day.  I told him I learned how to make soup and a sandwich.  I have know idea where that came from and neither did he.  I am sure that as  a wild bunch of 4 and 5 year olds  we did not sit around and  participate in a group discussion of the finer ways to tweak a grilled cheese and can of tomato soup.  I bet the topic never came up on the playground at recess time, or during story time, or as we tried to lay quietly on our nap pads and pillows while the teacher sat trembling at her desk sneaking sips from a small silver flask, kept in her top drawer close to her right hand.   But, my father called me on it and  told me to get in the kitchen and show him what I learned that first day of kindergarten.  He stood in the door way and silently watched while I pulled a chair up to the kitchen counter and reached into the cupboard and pulled out a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.  I asked for help in working the manual can opener and then scooted the chair to the refrigerator and took out some cheese and butter.  I then moved the chair to the stove and used the ever handy  skillet that always sat on top and placed the butter in the pan to melt.  My Dad recalls  my telling him that it was better to do it this way as not to tear a whole in the bread trying to spread cold butter.  I then made my first grilled cheese and heated a can of tomato soup for my Dad.  I honestly do not know if I remember doing this or if my Dad has related this tale so many times that is where my memory stems from.  Regardless, it is a good memory my Dad has and one he thinks of often.  My culinary skills have developed greatly over the years and I almost never serve canned soup (almost).  But it still produces a warm feeling of childhood memories every time I do.  So in honor of my father , I give you a new and improved version of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for dipping.  Until I become a little more accustomed to this whole blogging ordeal I will just write the recipe without further adue.  After all, I’m no Pioneer Woman when it comes to pictures with recipes at this point in the game.

Grilled Cheese So Simple a Kindergartner can do it

Take your skillet that you hide in the oven and place it on top of the range. (Make sure it is clean and has not been put away dirty) Take several pats of butter and place in the pan to melt.  Take two slices of bread and place side by side on top of the melted butter.  Have your sliced cheese ready and place one slice on each piece of bread.  I like to use a combination of Swiss cheese or Muenster cheese and American.  Grill this until you can peek and see that the bread is lightly browned then flip one bread slice with cheese over on the other one.  My main man likes for me to use three pieces of cheese for a scrumptious grilled cheese.  Now flip the  sandwich over again till golden brown. 

Revived Tomato Soup for dipping your grilled cheese

Take fresh tomatoes, or a pint of cherry tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Place on a baking sheet that has been covered with foil (for easy clean up).  Roast in oven (400 degrees) for 20-25  minutes–there should be light brown spots and a bursting of some of their skins.  If you do not have fresh tomatoes then use canned and drain the juice from the can into a small pot and treat the whole tomatoes or chopped tomatoes as you would the fresh.  In the pot you can place 1-2 cans of tomato soup and equal amounts of milk.  After the tomatoes roast put them in with the soup and mask with a potato masher.  Add a sprinkle of basil or some dill and plenty of cracked pepper.  This is a simple supper that anyone can do, yes, even a kindergartner.


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