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I am feeling reflective today, probably like many others at this time of the year.  Much emphasis is being placed on the year in review and the new year to come.  I find it interesting to look into the origins of the New Years Celebration and learn what the traditions mean.  Did you know that Janus is the name of a two faced Roman God that is associated with false religion (paganism)–the two faces–one looking back and the other face  forward-signifies the year in review and looking forward to the coming year.  Thus, January is named after this Roman God, Janus, the god of new beginnings.  The drinking revelries also stem from as far back as Babylon. Any encyclopedia will give the history of this holiday. I have many things to be grateful for today.  I have my family, my friends, and a measure of health.  My husband and I have led an exciting life and have had many ups and downs.  And I do mean really high ups and really low downs.  For a time we lived in a Salvation Army shelter for 30 days and ate is a soup line before we were able to get back on our feet.  Our early years were peppered with bouts of alcholism and hospitalizations but always an abundance of love.  An overabundance to be sure.  Extremely tender moments.  Loving moments.  Moments of shame. Moments of love.  Moments of failures. Moments of love. Always Love.  Love is like the stitches that hold our garments together.  So if you can be honest enough, what has been your highest high and lowest low?  The moments that you want to remember forever and the moments you fight to suppress?


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